How can a school register to become a member of BSSC?

The school should be affiliated to CBSE and should have a CBSE Affiliation number while registering. Select the tab Members on the Homepage and choose the Register option.A form will be displayed.Fill in the details and click on Submit.

Is there any requirement to be a part of BSSC?

CBSE Affiliation is compulsory. It is mandatory to enter the Affiliation number at the time of registering

Will the school automatically become a member after submitting the registration form?

The steps involved…

  1. Registration form has to be compulsorily filled by each individual school giving all the details asked
  2. Demand draft has to be submitted and this completes the registration details
  3. The registration will be approved by the BSSC Committee and only then the school becomes a member
  4. Unique BSSC code will be given after the completion of the first 2 steps. This code has to be used by all the members for future correspondence

Can the members update the content or post photos in the photo gallery?

Members will have to send a mail to bangaloresahodaya@gmail.com.

The Committee will reserve the right to post any content or photos

What are the advantages of joining BSSC?

  • Sharing of ideas among schools
  • Common timetable and question papers for Classes IX, X and XII
  • Principal and Teacher workshops organized by BSSC
  • CBSE sponsored workshops
  • Literary and cultural fests organized by BSSC for member schools
  • Sport fests organized by BSSC for member schools

What is the procedure for a Member school to share an event organized by their school?

  • Send a circular with details of the proposed event to the BSSC Chairman and send it via email to bangaloresahodaya@gmail.com
  • Events organized by the school will be posted on the BSSC website e-invite will then be posted under  Events – Sahodaya Events.